Fees and Costs

Civil Cases including Probates, Name Change (Over and Under 14 years of age), Drivers License Restoration, Adoptions, Election, Tax Cases, Commitments, Uniform Arbitration Acts, Writs, Sequestered Cases (Guardianship, Conservatorship, etc.), New and Re-Opened Cases$132.00
Civil Cases including Quiet Titles, Real Estate, Torts (Auto and Non-Auto), Contract, Debt and Money Due, Damages, Malpractice, Civil Violations- Statutes, Environmental Issues, (New and Re-Opened Cases)$132.00
Domestic Matters – Divorce (With and Without Children), Paternity, Custody, Visitation, Child Support (Private), (New and Re-Opened Cases)$137.00
Magistrate Civil Appeal Cases$132.00
Magistrate Criminal Appeal Cases$35.00
Municipal Appeal Cases$20.00
Tape/CD Duplication$4.00/Tape/CD
Certification and Seal$1.50/Each
Divorce (With or Without Children); Paternity$25.00
Driver’s License Restoration; Name Change (Over 14 and under 14 years of age); Emancipation; Motion and Order to Show Cause; Motion and Order to Modify$5.00

Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, money order, cashier’s check, credit card. Personal checks are not accepted.

Rule ​1-099 NMRA- District court civil filing fees

  1. Docket fee. Except as provided in Paragraph B or otherwise provided by law, a filing fee shall be collected in civil matters in the amount prescribed by law for the docketing of any cause, whether original or reopened or by appeal or transfer from a court of limited jurisdiction.
  2. Exceptions. No docket fee shall be charged:
    1. for filing any paper within ninety (90) days after the final disposition of the case
    2. if a docket fee has been previously paid or waived in the case, for filing a stipulated order or other request for action which may be performed by the clerk of the court pursuant to these rules, even if further action may be required by the judge;
    3. for the filing of a motion to correct a mistake in the judgment, order or record; or
    4. if a docket fee has been previously paid or waived in the case, for filing a motion to enforce a child support order.

Miscellaneous District Court Fees

Taking an acknowledgment of one person and affixing seal$1.50
Taking acknowledgments of additional persons at same time, each additional person$0.75
Single copy of records, per typewritten folio$0.35
Additional copy of records ordered at same time, per typewritten folio$0.35
Records reproduced by photographic process, per page$0.35
Certificate and seal authenticating any paper as true copy$1.50

 [As amended, effective January 1, 1989; April 1, 1989; September 27, 1999; August 1, 2001.]

Committee commentary – If a docket fee has been previously paid or waived, a party may file a stipulated order at any time without paying a filing fee even though the signature of the judge is required. This permits the parties to agree to modifications of court orders such as custody orders.